— Our Story —


The Etymology of ‘The Bronze Pig’ 

The name “the Bronze Pig” unites 3 simple facts.

1) Pompeo’s Italian national origins who although being Sicilian took inspiration from the bronze fountain of a boar in the Mercato Nuovo in Florence.

2) The celebration of a long standing friendship with a loyal friend who has a profound love of pigs and boars of all shape and sizes and

3) The fact that the restaurant is based in Lincoln and commemorate the Votive Bronze Boar miniature statuette from late 1st century AD housed at The Collection in the Art and Archaeology museum in Lincoln.

the bronze pig

Our vision for uncompromised quality is underlined by the decision to have a selective menu to match our intimate and unique styled restaurant.

Our meats and vegetables are sourced locally, our fish comes from renewable sources and from the British shores whenever feasible. Our choice of wines is based on the recommendation of a sommelier to offer choices from the old world and a couple from the new world that would enhance our dishes.


Il Porcellino

Meaning ‘piglet’ is the nickname for the famous bronze fountain of a boar in the Mercato Nuovo marketplace in Florence, Italy. We find this fitting and inspiring to us as throughout time the boar has been a potent symbol of courage and prowess to many cultures around the world.