Gin Night

Gin night Menu


Please note, dietary requirements can be catered for when known in advance.

Friday 6th September

A glass of Kir (Prosecco with a dash of gin liqueur)


Lamb Breast

 Moroccan spiced lamb, almond cream, apricot gel, crispy cous cous and flatbread shards.

Pink Pig Skin infused with wild berries from local area in Sardinia. Served with pomegranate seeds and rose petals


  Tuna Sashimi

Tuna sashimi, yuzu, radish, dashi jelly.

Tarsier gin (named after the smallest primate native of the Philippines) infused with Galengal, Kampton peppers, sweet basil. Served with a slice of ginger and a slice of lime and light tonic


Palate Cleanser



Duck breast, carrot and ginger puree, carrot and a stock reduction.

Peacky Blinders spicy gin from the heart of the Black Country with the botanical profile chosen to compliment the bold flavours in Indian food. Served with a clove or orange peel and ginger ale


Chocolate and Kumquat

Dark chocolate mousse, kumquat and tarragon.

Botanist which features 31 botanicals is served with a sprig of rosemary and light tonic


Coffee and Petit Fours


£ 70 pp without the drinks shown on the menu.

Drinks can be selected on the night from the drinks and wine menu

£ 115 pp with drinks